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Valitech Synergi provide complete and custom filter solutions for industrial facilities, Commercial Building, and filtrations other. Find filtration systems and air cleaners to fit your need. We are a company specialized in filters scope, for air filter HVAC System, Industrial Automotive Paint, Chemical, Sanitary industrial, Machine injections Plastic, Pharmacy, factory Food and beverage, and Industrial Other. Our Product filter with the top grade product quality in this industry to get the purpose of saving the cost and improving the quality of product.

We offer a wide range of filter Industries designed to meet your filtration requirement, and ensure to deliver the performance, quality and durability you need. Product range based on material type and available features:
Pre filter, Ceiling filter, Paint arrastor filter, HT filter, Pocket filter, Panel filter, Pleated filter, HEPA, V-Bank, Medium filter, Activated carbon filter, Mesh filter, Frame filter AHU, Bag filter, Paper filter, Separator, Coalescing, Oil Filter, Cartridge, Element filter, Strainer, Dust Collector, Nylon Mesh, Filter Cloth, Filter Press, Powder Coat Filter, Filter Cege or Venturi, Repair and filter Manufacturer.

Honesty service and pursuing perfection we are committed to providing the best products and comprehensive after sales service for all customers over the country.